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Main Entry: splenĚdid
Pronunciation: primarystresssplen-dschwad
Function: adjective
Etymology: from Latin splendidus "splendid, brilliant," from splendemacronre "to shine"
1 : having or showing splendor : BRILLIANT
2 : impressive in beauty, grandeur, or excellence <a splendid job> <a splendid palace>
3 : EXCELLENT <had a splendid time at the beach>
- splenĚdidĚly adverb
- splenĚdidĚness noun
synonyms SPLENDID, GORGEOUS, GLORIOUS, SUBLIME mean very impressive. SPLENDID suggests that something is far above the ordinary in excellence, beauty, or grandeur <a splendid jewel>. GORGEOUS suggests a rich splendor especially in a display of color <a gorgeous purple robe trimmed with fur>. GLORIOUS suggests that something is radiant with light or beauty <a glorious sunset>. SUBLIME suggests a noble grandeur almost beyond human understanding <the Grand Canyon is a sublime sight>.

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