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Main Entry: 1stand
Pronunciation: primarystressstand
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): stood /primarystressstudotd/; stand·ing
1 a : to support oneself on the feet in an erect position b : to be a specified height when fully erect <stands six feet two> c : to rise to one's feet
2 : to take up and keep a usually specified position or attitude <stand aside> <can you stand on your head> <where do we stand on this question>
3 : to be in a particular state or situation <stands accused>
4 chiefly British : to be a candidate : RUN
5 a : to have a relative position in or as if in a scale <stands first in the class> b : to be in a position to gain or lose <stands to make a profit>
6 a : to rest, remain, or set upright on a base or lower end <a ladder standing against a wall> b : to occupy a place or location <a house standing on a hill>
7 a : to remain without moving <rainwater standing in stagnant pools> b : to remain in effect <the order stands>
8 : to exist in a certain form <you must take or leave our offer as it stands>
9 a : to put up with or resist successfully : BEAR <stand pain> <the building stood the pressure of the storm> <this book will stand the test of time> b : to derive benefit or enjoyment from <you look like you could stand some sleep> c : to go through the experience of <stand trial>
10 : to perform the duty of <stand guard>
11 : to pay for <I'll stand dinner>
12 : to cause to stand : set upright
- stand·er noun
- stand for
1 : to be a symbol for : REPRESENT
2 : to put up with : PERMIT <would not stand for bad manners>
- stand one's ground : to maintain one's position

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