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Main Entry: 1stop
Pronunciation: primarystressstäp
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): stopped; stopĚping
1 : to close an opening by filling or blocking it : PLUG <nose stopped up by a cold>
2 : RESTRAIN 1a, prevent <stopped me from going>
3 : to interrupt or prevent from continuing or occurring : CHECK <couldn't stop the noise>
4 : to instruct one's bank not to pay <stop payment on a check>
5 : to halt the movement or progress of <stop the car>
6 : to change the pitch of (as a violin string) by pressing with the finger
7 a : to bring action or operation to an end <the motor stopped> b : to come to an end <sit down when the music stops>
8 : to make a visit <stopping with friends for a week>

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