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Main Entry: 1tight
Pronunciation: primarystresstimacrt
Function: adjective
1 : so close in structure as not to allow something (as liquid, gas, or light) to pass through <a tight roof>
2 a : fixed very firmly in place <loosen a tight jar cover> b : not slack or loose <kept the rope tight> <a tight knot> c : fitting too closely <tight shoes>
3 : difficult to get through or out of <in a tight spot> <on a tight schedule>
4 a : firm in control <kept a tight hand on affairs> b : STINGY 1
5 : very closely packed or compressed <a tight bale of hay>
6 : low in supply : SCARCE <money is tight just now>
- tight·ly adverb
- tight·ness noun
synonyms TIGHT, TAUT, TENSE mean drawn or stretched to the limit. TIGHT may suggest that one thing is drawn around another as closely as possible <the collar fit snugly around the dog's neck but was not too tight>. TAUT suggests pulling (as of a rope) until there is no give or slack <a taut line between two poles>. TENSE suggests that something is so strained that it cannot function correctly <if your muscles are too tense, you won't be able to run well>.

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