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Main Entry: 1turn
Pronunciation: primarystresstschwarn
Function: verb
1 a : to move or cause to move around an axis or center : ROTATE, REVOLVE <wheels turning slowly> <turn a crank> b : to twist so as to bring about a desired end <turned the knob and swung the door open> c : to do by revolving <turn handsprings> d : to twist out of line or shape : WRENCH <turn an ankle>
2 a : to change in position usually by moving through an arc of a circle <they turned and walked away> <turn the page> <turn a pancake> b : to examine as if by turning over : think about <turned the problem over in her mind>
3 : to make over (as a garment) by reversing the material and sewing back together <turn a collar>
4 a : to upset the order of <everything was turned topsy-turvy> b : to set in another and especially opposite direction
5 a : to change course or direction <the road turns to the left> <turning to a different subject> b : to go around <turn a corner>
6 : to direct toward or away from something <we turned toward home>
7 : to seek out as a source of something <turn to a friend for help>
8 a : to change or cause to change <water turned to ice> <the witch turned the prince into a frog> b : to cause to spoil : SOUR <the milk had turned> c : to change in color <leaves turning in the fall> d : to pass from one state to another : BECOME <hair turned gray> <had just turned fourteen>
10 : to give a rounded form to (as on a lathe)
- turn a hair : to be or become upset or frightened
- turn heads : to attract favorable attention
- turn loose : to set free : let go
- turn one's hand or turn a hand : to set to work : apply oneself
- turn one's stomach : to disgust completely : SICKEN <the foul smell turned his stomach>
- turn tail : to turn away so as to flee
- turn the other cheek : to respond to injury or unkindness with patience
- turn the tables : to bring about a switch in the positions or fortunes of two opposing people or sides
- turn the trick : to bring about the desired result
- turn turtle : OVERTURN 1

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