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Main Entry: 1yield
Pronunciation: primarystressyemacron(schwa)ld
Function: verb
1 : to give up possession of on claim or demand : SURRENDER
2 : to give oneself up to a liking, temptation, or habit
3 a : to bear as a natural product <trees that yield fruit> b : to produce as a result of effort <this soil should yield good crops> c : to return as profit or interest
4 : to bring good results
5 : to give up and stop fighting <will not yield to their enemy>
6 : to give way to urging, persuasion, or pleading
7 : to give way under physical force so as to bend, stretch, or break
8 : to admit that someone else is better
- yieldˇer /primarystressyemacronl-dschwar/ noun
synonyms YIELD, SUBMIT, SURRENDER mean to give way to someone or something that one can no longer oppose. YIELD applies to any kind of giving way or giving in (as to physical force, argument, or persuasion) <the roof yielded to the heavy load of snow> <she refused to yield to the pressure to change her vote>. SUBMIT stresses giving in to the will of another and going against one's own wishes <submitted to the plan but under protest>. SURRENDER applies to a total giving in and the placing of oneself at the mercy of another <finally the lord of the castle surrendered it to the enemy>.

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