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Main Entry: bright
Pronunciation: primarystressbrimacrt
Function: adjective
1 : giving off or filled with much light
2 : very clear or vivid in color
3 : INTELLIGENT 1b, clever <a bright child> <a bright idea>
4 : CHEERFUL 1 <a bright smile>
5 : full of promise <a bright future>
- bright adverb
- bright·ly adverb
- bright·ness noun
synonyms BRIGHT, SHINING, BRILLIANT, RADIANT mean giving off strong light. BRIGHT applies to a light that is strong when compared to other lights from a similar source <a bright star>. SHINING suggests steady or constant brightness <the shining moon>. BRILLIANT suggests the giving off of a striking, strong, or sparkling light <a brilliant display of fireworks>. RADIANT stresses the giving off or the apparent giving off of rays of light <the sun is a radiant body> <radiant with joy>.

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