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Main Entry: bring
Pronunciation: primarystressbrieng
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): brought /primarystressbrodott/; bring·ing /primarystressbrieng-ieng/
1 : to cause to come with oneself by carrying or leading especially to the place from which the action is viewed <bring a lunch>
2 : to cause to reach a certain state or take a certain action <bring water to a boil> <couldn't bring myself to say it>
3 : to cause to arrive or exist <winter will bring snow> <bring legal action>
4 : to sell for <will bring a good price>
- bring·er noun
- bring forth : to give birth to : PRODUCE
- bring forward
1 : INTRODUCE 3b <brought new evidence forward>
2 : to carry (a total) to the next line of an account (as in a checkbook) <what is the balance brought forward>
- bring to light : to make known or capable of being seen
- bring to mind : 1RECALL 2b
- bring up the rear : to come last

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