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Main Entry: 1car·ry
Pronunciation: primarystresskar-emacron
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): car·ried; car·ry·ing
1 : to support and take from one place to another : TRANSPORT <carry a package>
2 : to influence by appeal to the mind or emotions <the speaker carried the audience>
3 : 1WIN 3b, capture <carried off the prize>
4 : to transfer from one place (as a column) to another <carry a number in addition>
5 : to contain and direct the flow of <a pipe carries water>
6 a : to wear or have on one's person <carries a camera> b : to bear upon or within one <carries a scar> <she is carrying an unborn child>
7 : IMPLY 1, involve <the crime carries a penalty>
8 : to hold the body or a part of it <carry your head high>
9 : to sing in correct pitch <carry a tune>
10 : to stock for sale <carries three brands of tires>
11 : to keep on a list or record <carrying six drivers on the payroll>
12 : 1SUPPORT 4a <pillars carry an arch>
13 a : to succeed in <carry an election> b : to win a majority of votes in (as a state)
14 : to present for the public <newspapers carry weather reports>
15 : to reach or travel a distance <a voice that carries well>

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