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Main Entry: 1course
Pronunciation: primarystresskomacr(schwa)rs, primarystresskodot(schwa)rs
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English cours, course "action of moving in a certain path, path of movement, progress," from early French curs, course (same meaning), derived from Latin currere "to run" --related to CORRIDOR, CURRENT
1 : the act or action of moving in a path from point to point <the planets in their courses>
2 : the direction or route of motion or progress <the course of a river> <a ship's course>
3 : land laid out for golf
4 a : normal or accustomed process or procedure <the disease ran its course> b : manner of proceeding : CONDUCT <a wise course> c : progression through a period of time or a series of acts or events <was built in the course of a year>
5 a : an ordered process or series b : a series of classes in a subject; also : a group of such courses <a four-year course in chemistry>
6 : a part of a meal served at one time <had salad for the first course>
7 : a layer of brick or other building material in a wall
- of course
1 : following the ordinary way or procedure <did it as a matter of course>
2 : as might be expected

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