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Main Entry: 1cun·ning
Pronunciation: primarystresskschwan-ieng
Function: adjective
1 : very good or very clever at using special knowledge or skills or at getting something done <a cunning detective>
2 : showing keen understanding <a cunning observation>
3 : marked by deception and trickery
4 : CUTE 2, pretty
- cun·ning·ly /-ieng-lemacron/ adverb
- cun·ning·ness noun
synonyms CUNNING, CRAFTY, SLY, WILY mean skillful at trickery. CUNNING suggests cleverness or skill in using sometimes limited intelligence to deal with dangers or difficulties <a cunning prisoner making an escape>. CRAFTY suggests skill in deceiving with shrewd devices and schemes <a crafty peddler known for successful bargaining>. SLY often suggests secret or sneaky deceiving <a sly thief>. WILY suggests cleverness in setting or avoiding traps <the wily fox>.

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