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Main Entry: dachs·hund
Pronunciation: primarystressdäks-secondarystresshudotnt, primarystressdäk-sschwant
Function: noun
Etymology: from German Dachshund "dachshund," literally, "badger dog," from Dachs "badger" and Hund dog
: any of a breed of dogs of German origin with a long body, very short legs, and long drooping ears
Word History The dachshund is a dog with short legs and a long history. The breed was developed in Germany more than a thousand years ago to hunt burrowing animals such as badgers. With its short legs and long, powerful body, the dachshund could follow a badger right down into its hole. It could even fight with the badger underground. The German name for the breed was dachshund, a compound of dachs, meaning "badger," and hund, "dog." This German name was borrowed directly into English.
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