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Main Entry: dan·de·li·on
Pronunciation: primarystressdan-dschwa-secondarystresslimacr-schwan
Function: noun
Etymology: from early French dent de lion "dandelion," literally, "tooth of the lion"; dent derived from Latin dens "tooth" --related to DENTAL
: any of a genus of yellow-flowered weedy plants related to the daisies; especially : one with long deeply toothed stemless leaves sometimes grown as a potherb
Word History Sometimes plants are named for their resemblance, real or imagined, to animal shapes. The dandelion might not be a plant we would be quick to connect with a lion's teeth. And yet, in early French this common plant with its yellow flowers was called dent de lion, meaning literally "tooth of the lion." The dandelion leaves have deep notches along the edges. These make the leaves appear to have a row of sharp triangular teeth. In time the French name came to be spelled and pronounced as one word when it came into English, giving us dandelion today.
[dandelion illustration]

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