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Main Entry: den·im
Pronunciation: primarystressden-schwam
Function: noun
Etymology: from French (serge) de Nîmes "serge (fabric) from Nîmes (city in France)"
1 : a firm durable twilled usually cotton fabric
2 plural : overalls or trousers of denim
Word History Many fabrics have been named for the places where they were once made. Denim gets its name from Nîmes, a city in France famous for its textiles. But the name came about in an unusual way. The fabric, a heavy serge, was originally called serge de Nîmes, literally, "serge from Nîmes." The "s" on Nîmes is not pronounced in French, so when the name of the fabric came into English, it was often written serge de Nim and later serge denim. In time this was shortened to simply denim.

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