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Main Entry: de·vel·op
Pronunciation: di-primarystressvel-schwap
Function: verb
1 a : to make or become clear gradually or in detail <as the story developed> b : to apply chemicals to exposed photographic material (as a film) in order to bring out the picture <develop film>; also : to make visible by such a method <develop pictures> c : to make (a musical theme) more complicated by varying the rhythm and harmony
2 : to bring to a more advanced or more nearly perfect state <develop an idea> <exercise develops one's muscles>
3 : to create or produce especially by effort <develop new ways of doing business>
4 : to make more available or usable <develop land>
5 : to acquire gradually <developed a taste for olives>
6 : to go through a process of natural growth or evolution in a series of stages <a blossom develops from a bud>
- de·vel·op·able /-primarystressvel-schwa-pschwa-bschwal/ adjective

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