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Main Entry: 1draw
Pronunciation: primarystressdrodot
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): drew /primarystressdrü/; drawn /primarystressdrodotn/; draw·ing
1 a : to cause to move by pulling : cause to follow b : to pull up or to one side <draw the curtains> c : to pull up or out <drew water from the well> <draw a gun> d : to cause to come out of a container or source <draw water for a bath>
2 : to move or go steadily or gradually <day was drawing to a close>
3 a : ATTRACT, ENTICE <drew a crowd> b : PROVOKE 2 <drew criticism> c : to bring on as a response <drew cheers from the crowd>
4 : INHALE 1 <drew a deep breath>
5 a : to cause (as the contents or essence) to come forth <brine draws moisture and sugars from the cucumbers> b : EVISCERATE <drawn and plucked chickens>
6 : to need (a specified depth) to float in <the boat draws three feet of water>
7 a : ACCUMULATE 1, gain <drawing interest> b : to take money from a place of deposit : WITHDRAW c : to receive regularly from a source <draw a salary>
8 a : to take (cards) from a stack or from the dealer b : to receive or take at random <drew a winning number>
9 : to bend (a bow) by pulling back the string
10 : to cause to shrink or pucker
11 : to leave (a contest) undecided : TIE
12 a : to produce a likeness of by making lines on a surface <draw a picture> <the computer can draw a graph on the screen> b : to write out in proper form <draw up a will> c : to describe in words <a writer who draws characters well>
13 : DEDUCE 1a <draw a conclusion>
14 : to stretch or spread by or as if by pulling <some metals can be drawn out to form wire>
15 : to produce a draft of air <the chimney draws well>
- draw·able /-schwa-bschwal/ adjective
- draw a blank : to be unable to think of something
- draw on or draw upon : to use as a source of supply <what experiences can you draw on for a story>
- draw straws : to decide or assign something by lottery in which straws of unequal length are used
- draw the line or draw a line
1 : to set a dividing line between two things
2 : to set a limit that points out what one will not tolerate or do

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