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Main Entry: 1go
Pronunciation: primarystressgomacr
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): went /primarystresswent/; gone /primarystressgodotn also primarystressgän/; go·ing /primarystressgomacr-ieng/; goes /primarystressgomacrz/
1 : to move on a course : PROCEED <go slow> <go by train>
2 a : to move away from one point to or toward another : LEAVE, DEPART b : 1FOLLOW 4, traverse <go the whole route> <go my way>
3 a : to pass by a process like journeying <the message went by wire> <the prize went to the winnner> b : EXTEND 4, run <our land goes to the river> c : 1LEAD 1d <that door goes to the cellar>
4 : to be habitually in a certain state <goes bareheaded>
5 a : to become lost, consumed, or spent <funds going for research> b : to slip away : ELAPSE <where did the time go> c : to pass by sale <went for a good price> d : to become damaged or weakened <my hearing started to go> e : to give way under force or pressure : BREAK <the dam went>
6 a : to be in general or on an average <cheap, as yachts go> b : to become especially as the result of a contest <decision went against us>
7 : to put or subject oneself <go to great expense>
8 : to make use of to settle a dispute : RESORT <go to court to recover damages>
9 a : to begin or continue an action or motion <go when the light turns> <drums going strong> b : to function properly <get the motor to go>
10 : to be known <goes by a nickname>
11 : to be or act in agreement <a good rule to go by>
12 : to contribute to a result <qualities that go to make a hero>
13 a : to be about, intending, or expecting <is going to leave town> b : to come or arrive at a certain state or condition <go to sleep> c : to come to be <the tire went flat>
14 a : to be able to be placed <these clothes will go in your suitcase> b : to have a usual or proper place <these books go on the top shelf> c : to be capable of being contained in another quantity <5 goes into 60 12 times>
15 : to be likely : TEND <goes to show they can be trusted>
16 : to be acceptable or satifactory <any kind of dress goes>
17 : 2BET 1, bid <willing to go $50>
18 a : to be as expressed <as the story goes> b : to be capable of being sung or played <the tune goes like this>
- go·er noun
- go at
1 : to make an attack on
2 : to set to work on
- go back on : BETRAY 2
- go for
1 : to pass for or serve as
2 : to have an interest in or liking for
- go in : to share costs or expenses <went in with his friends on a used car>
- go in for : to take part in out of interest or liking <go in for stamp collecting>
- go one better : EXCEL, SURPASS <went him one better>
- go over
1 : 2STUDY 2, review
2 : to look over in order to correct or improve <went over my term paper twice>
- go places : to be on the way to success
- go steady : to have frequent dates with only one person
- go through
1 : EXAMINE 1, study
3 : CARRY OUT, PERFORM <went through his act perfectly>
- to go
1 : remaining to pass or be done <five minutes to go>
2 : to be taken from a restaurant <ham sandwich to go>

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