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Main Entry: 1high
Pronunciation: primarystresshimacr
Function: adjective
1 a : extending to a great distance upward : having greater height than average or usual <rooms with high ceilings> b : having a specified elevation <six feet high>
2 : advanced toward fullness <high summer>
3 : 2SHRILL, SHARP <high note>
4 : far from the equator <high latitude>
5 : 1NOBLE 5 <a writer of high purpose>
6 : of greater degree, size, amount, or content than average or ordinary <high pressure> <high power of a microscope>
7 : of relatively great importance: as a : first in rank or standing <high society> b : SERIOUS 4, grave <high crimes>
8 : STRONG 7 <high winds>
9 a : showing joy or excitement <high spirits> b : 2DRUNK 1; also : affected or impaired by or as if by a drug
10 : advanced or complex in structure or development <higher mathematics> <higher fungi>
synonyms HIGH, TALL, LOFTY mean being above the usual level in height. HIGH is used of height that is measured from the ground or some other standard <a high fence surrounded the house>. TALL is used of what is considered high when compared to others of the same kind <a tall youngster for that age>. LOFTY is used of something that rises to a grand or impressive height <lofty mountains>.

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