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Main Entry: 1leaf
Pronunciation: primarystresslemacronf
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural leaves /primarystresslemacronvz/
1 a : one of the green usually flat parts that grow from a stem or twig of a plant and that function mainly in making food by photosynthesis b : FOLIAGE <trees in full leaf>
2 a : a part of a book or folded sheet containing a page on each side b : a part (as of window shutters) that slides or is hinged c : the movable or additional part of a table top d : a thin sheet (as of metal)
- leaf·less /primarystresslemacron-flschwas/ adjective
- leaf·like /primarystresslemacron-secondarystressflimacrk/ adjective
[leaf illustration]

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