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Main Entry: 2mark
Function: verb
1 a : to fix or trace out the bounds of by or as if by a mark b : to set apart by a boundary <mark off a tennis court>
2 a : to designate as if by a mark <marked for greatness> b : to make a mark or notation on c : to furnish with natural marks <wings marked with white> d : to label so as to indicate price or quality
3 a : to make note of in writing : JOT <marking the date in a journal> b : to indicate by a mark or symbol <mark an accent> c : to determine the value of by means of marks : GRADE <mark exam papers>
4 : to be an important characteristic of : CHARACTERIZE, DISTINGUISH <a disease marked by fever>
5 : to take notice of : OBSERVE <mark my words>
- mark time
1 : to keep the time of a marching step by moving the feet one after another without advancing
2 : to function or operate without making progress

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