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Main Entry: 1move
Pronunciation: primarystressmüv
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): moved; mov·ing
1 : to change the place or position of : SHIFT <move the chair closer>
2 : to go from one place to another <move into the shade>
3 : to set in motion <moved their feet>
4 a : to cause a person to act or decide : PERSUADE <the report moved me to change my mind> b : to take action : ACT
5 : to affect the feelings of <the sad story moved me to tears>
6 : to suggest according to the rules of a meeting <move to adjourn>
7 : to change hands or cause to change hands through sale or rental <the store's stock must be moved>
8 a : to change residence <moved to Iowa> b : to change place or position : STIR
9 : to cause to function : OPERATE <this button moves the whole machine>
10 : to proceed in a certain direction <we're moving up in the world>
11 : to carry on one's life in a particular environment <moves in the best circles>
12 : to go away : DEPART <told them to move on>
13 : to transfer a piece in a game (as chess) from one place to another
14 : to empty or cause to empty <move the bowels>

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