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Main Entry: 1nee·dle
Pronunciation: primarystressnemacrond-schwal
Function: noun
1 a : a small slender usually steel instrument that has an eye for thread or surgical sutures at one end and is used for sewing b : any of various devices for carrying thread and making stitches (as in crocheting or knitting) c : a slender hollow usually stainless steel instrument by which material is put into or taken from the body through the skin d : an extremely thin solid usually stainless steel instrument used in acupuncture and inserted through the skin
2 a : a slender bar of magnetized steel that is free to turn (as in a compass) to show the direction of a magnetic field b : a slender pointer on a dial
3 a : a slender pointed object (as a pointed crystal or an obelisk) b : a leaf (as of a pine) shaped like a needle
4 : a slender piece of jewel or steel with a rounded tip used in a phonograph to transmit vibrations from the record
- nee·dle·like /primarystressnemacrond-schwal-secondarystress(l)imacrk/ adjective
[needle illustration]

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