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Main Entry: 1neg·a·tive
Pronunciation: primarystressneg-schwat-iv
Function: adjective
1 : marked by denial, prohibition, or refusal <a negative reply>
2 : not positive or helpful <a negative attitude>
3 a : less than zero and opposite in sign to a positive number <-2 is a negative number> b : extending or measured in a direction opposite to one chosen as positive <a negative angle>
4 a : of, being, or relating to electricity of a kind of which the electron is the elementary unit <a negative charge> b : having more electrons than protons <a negative particle> c : being the part toward which the electric current flows from the outside circuit <the negative pole of a battery>
5 a : not indicating the presence of a particular germ or condition <a negative TB test> b : directed or moving away from a source of stimulation <a negative tropism>
6 : having the light and dark parts approximately opposite to those of the thing or person photographed
- neg·a·tive·ly adverb
- neg·a·tive·ness noun
- neg·a·tiv·i·ty /secondarystressneg-schwa-primarystresstiv-schwat-emacron/ noun

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