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Main Entry: 1ne·glect
Pronunciation: ni-primarystressglekt
Function: verb
1 : to give little attention or respect to <neglected their garden>
2 : to leave undone or not attended to especially through carelessness <don't neglect to feed the fish>
- ne·glect·er noun
synonyms NEGLECT, DISREGARD, IGNORE mean to pass over something without giving it any or enough attention. NEGLECT suggests that one has not given enough attention to something that deserves or requires attention, but the lack of attention may not be deliberate <you have been neglecting your homework>. DISREGARD suggests deliberately overlooking something usually because one feels that it is not worth noticing <disregarded the "No Exit" sign and left through that door>. IGNORE suggests deliberately overlooking something easily seen <my grandmother politely ignored the messy room>.

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