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Main Entry: 1neighˇbor
Pronunciation: primarystressnamacr-bschwar
Function: noun
Etymology: Old English nemacronahgebumacrr "neighbor," from nemacronah "near" + gebumacrr "dweller" --related to NEAR, NIGH
1 : a person who lives near another
2 : a person or thing located near another <Canada is a neighbor of the U.S.>
3 : a fellow human being
Word History The words near and nigh are both related to -- and have the same meaning as -- the Old English word nemacronah. Another word which can be traced, at least in part, to nemacronah is neighbor. The combination of nemacronah, meaning "near," and gebumacrr, meaning "dweller," produced the Old English word nemacronahgebumacrr. This word was used for "a person living near another." The pronunciation and spelling of nemacronahgebumacrr has changed over the centuries to give us neighbor, but the word's basic meaning has remained the same.

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