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Main Entry: 1open
Pronunciation: primarystressomacr-pschwan, primarystressomacrp-schwam
Function: adjective
1 : allowing passage : not shut or blocked <an open door> <open books> <open pores>
2 : not enclosed or covered <an open boat> <an open fire> <open wounds>
3 a : not secret : PUBLIC <open dislike> b : LIABLE 2 <open to challenge>
4 a : free to be used, entered, or taken part in by all <an open meeting> <an open golf tournament> b : easy to enter, get through, or see <open country>
5 : not drawn together : spread out <an open flower> <an open umbrella>
6 a : available for use : FREE <keep an hour open tomorrow> <the only option open to us> b : not decided or settled <an open question> c : waiting to be filled <the job is still open> d : available for purchase all or most of the time <these items are in open stock>
7 : ready to consider appeals or ideas <an open mind> <open to suggestion>
8 : not allowing the flow of electricity : being an incomplete electrical circuit <an open switch>
- openĚly /primarystressomacr-pschwan-lemacron/ adverb
- openĚness /primarystressomacr-pschwan-nschwas/ noun

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