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Main Entry: 2open
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): opened /primarystressomacr-pschwand, primarystressomacrp-schwamd/; open·ing /primarystressomacrp-(schwa-)nieng/
1 a : to change or move from a shut or closed condition <open a book> <the door opened> b : to clear by or as if by removing something in the way <open a road blocked with snow> <the clouds opened> c : to make an opening in <open a boil>
2 a : to make or become ready for use <open a new store> b : to make available for a certain purpose <open land for settlement> <opened Japan to foreign trade> <the office opens at eight> c : to access for use <open the computer file>
3 : to have an opening <the rooms open onto a hall>
4 : BEGIN 1, start <opened fire> <open talks>

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