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Main Entry: 1over
Pronunciation: primarystressomacr-vschwar
Function: adverb
1 a : across a barrier or space <fly over to London> b : in a direction down or forward and down <fell over> c : across the brim <soup boiled over> d : so as to bring the underside up <turned his cards over> e : from one person or side to another <hand it over> f : to one's home <ask them over> g : at a distance from a certain point <two streets over> h : to agreement <won them over>
2 : 1ACROSS 3 <got their point over>
3 a : beyond a limit <the show ran a minute over> b : more than needed : too many or too much <over fond of food> c : till a later time (as the next day) : OVERNIGHT <stay over> <sleep over>
4 : so as to cover the whole surface <windows boarded over>
5 -- used in a two-way radio transmission to indicate that a message is complete and a reply is expected
6 a : 2THROUGH 2a <read it over> b : once more : AGAIN <do it over>

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