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Main Entry: over-
Function: prefix
Etymology: from over (adverb or adjective)
1 : so as to be greater, better, or stronger than
2 : so as to be too much or too great
overabundance overabundant overambitious overanxious overbake overbold overburden overcareful overcautious overcomplicate overcomplicated overconfidence overconfident overconfidently overconscientious overcook overcount overcritical overdecorate overdependence overdependent overdramatic overeager overeagerness overemphasis overemphasize overenthusiastic overexaggerate overexaggeration overexcite overexcited overexert overexertion overfamiliar overfat overfertilization overgenerous overhasty overheat overindulge overindulgence overindulgent overlarge overload overlong overmodest overnice overpay overpayment overpopulate overpopulation overpraise overproduce overproduction overprotect overprotection overprotective overprotectiveness overreact overreaction overrefined overrefinement oversensitive oversensitiveness oversensitivity overspecialization overspecialize overstuff oversubtle oversuspicious overtax overtaxation overtip overtired overtrain overwater overwind overwithhold overzealous overzealousness

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