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Main Entry: 1pack
Pronunciation: primarystresspak
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English pack "a bundle for carrying on the back"; of Germanic origin
1 a : a bundle arranged for carrying especially on the back of a person or animal b : a group of items packaged as a unit <a pack of cards> c : PACKET 2, container d : a stack of magnetic disks in a container for use as a storage device
2 : the contents of a pack
3 a : a group of similar persons or animals <a pack of thieves> <a wolf pack> b : an organized troop (as of Cub Scouts)
4 : a tight mass or group; especially : a mass of ice chunks floating on the sea
5 : absorbent material (as gauze pads) used medically (as to apply medicine or moisture or to press upon a bodily part to stop bleeding) -- compare ICE PACK 2

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