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Main Entry: 2pack
Function: verb
1 a : to place articles in (as for transportation or storage) <pack a suitcase> b : to cover or fill so as to prevent passage (as of air or water) <pack the joint of a pipe> c : to place closely and securely in a container or bundle <pack goods>
2 a : to crowd in <people packed the hall> b : to form into a pack <ice is packing in the gorge>
3 : to send or go away without delay <pack a child off to school>
4 : to transport on foot or on the back of an animal <pack water from a spring>
5 : 1CARRY 6 <pack a gun>
6 : to be supplied with : POSSESS <a storm packing hurricane winds>
synonyms PACK, CRAM, STUFF mean to fill something to its limit or beyond. PACK may suggest filling something up in a way that is tight but orderly <pack a trunk> or it may suggest filling something too much <people were packed into the room like sardines>. CRAM usually suggests that something has been filled in a forceful, careless, or disorderly way <crammed everything into one small box>. STUFF suggests filling something with as much as it will hold and often to the point that it bulges <I stuffed my pockets with candy>.

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