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Main Entry: 1pick
Pronunciation: primarystresspik
Function: verb
Etymology: Middle English piken "to pierce, pick," from Old English pimacrcian (same meaning) and from early French piquer "to prick" --related to 3PIKE
1 : to strike, pierce, or break up with a pointed tool
2 a : to remove matter from bit by bit by or as if by plucking <picked the bone clean> b : to gather by plucking <pick berries> c : to pluck with a pick or with the fingers <pick a guitar>
3 a : 2SELECT, CHOOSE <pick out a dress> b : to make (one's way) slowly and carefully <picked their way through the rubble>
4 : to steal or pilfer from <pick pockets>
5 : to start (a fight) with someone else deliberately
6 : to dig at or into : PROBE <picking his teeth>
7 : to eat sparingly or in a finicky manner <picked at her dinner>
8 : to unlock without a key <pick a lock>
- pick·er noun
- pick on : to single out especially for criticism, teasing, or bullying <always picking on smaller children>

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