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Main Entry: 1piece
Pronunciation: primarystresspemacrons
Function: noun
1 : a part cut, torn, or broken from a thing : FRAGMENT <a piece of string>
2 : one of a class, group, or set of things <a piece of mail> <a three-piece suit> <a chess piece>
3 : a usually unspecified distance <down the road a piece>
4 : a portion marked off <a piece of land>
5 : a single item or example <a piece of news>
6 : a standard quantity or size in which an article is made or sold <buy lumber by the piece>
7 : something made, composed, or written <a piece written for the piano>
8 : 1COIN 1 <a 50-cent piece>
10 : EXAMPLE 1 <a nice piece of acting>
- of a piece : of the same kind or character throughout : CONSISTENT
- piece of one's mind : a severe scolding
- to pieces
1 : very well : THOROUGHLY <knew the countryside all to pieces>
2 : out of control : CRAZY <went to pieces after the accident>

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