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Main Entry: plen·ti·ful
Pronunciation: primarystressplent-i-fschwal
Function: adjective
1 : giving or containing plenty <a plentiful land>
2 : present in large numbers or amount <plentiful rain>
- plen·ti·ful·ly /-fschwa-lemacron/ adverb
synonyms PLENTIFUL, AMPLE, ABUNDANT, COPIOUS mean more than enough yet not too much. PLENTIFUL suggests a great or rich supply <vegetables are cheap when plentiful>. AMPLE suggests an amount more than enough to meet a particular need <an income ample for the way that I live>. ABUNDANT suggests a supply far greater than needed <an unexpectedly abundant corn harvest>. COPIOUS suggests more often a large quantity or number than a rich supply <took copious notes during the lecture>.

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