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Main Entry: qualm
Pronunciation: primarystresskwäm, primarystresskwälm also primarystresskwodotm
Function: noun
1 : a sudden attack of illness, faintness, or nausea
2 : a sudden fear
3 : a feeling of doubt or indecision in matters of right and wrong <had qualms about coming home late>
- qualmy /-emacron/ adjective
synonyms QUALM, SCRUPLE, COMPUNCTION mean an uneasy feeling about what one is doing or going to do. QUALM suggests an uneasy fear that one is not following one's conscience or better judgment <started having qualms about going along with the crowd>. SCRUPLE suggests doubt about the rightness of an act based upon one's moral code <citizens with scruples won't cheat on their taxes>. COMPUNCTION suggests an inner feeling that one is doing wrong to another person <don't you have any compunctions about spreading gossip?>.

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