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Main Entry: 1quar·ter
Pronunciation: primarystresskwodot(r)t-schwar
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English quarter "a fourth part," from early French quarter (same meaning), derived from Latin quartus "a fourth"
1 : one of four equal parts
2 : a unit (as of weight or length) that equals one fourth of some larger unit
3 a : any of four 3-month divisions of a year b : a school term of about 12 weeks c : a coin worth a fourth of a dollar d : the sum of 25 cents e : one fourth part of a slaughtered animal including a leg <a quarter of beef> f : a fourth part of the moon's period <a moon in its first quarter> g : one of the four equal parts into which the playing time of some games is divided
4 : someone or something (as a place, direction, or group) not named <complaints came from all quarters>
5 a : a particular division or district of a city b : an assigned station especially of a member of a crew <call to quarters> c plural : the place where one lives : LODGING
6 : MERCY 1a <show no quarter to the enemy>
- at close quarters : at close range or in immediate contact

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