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Main Entry: 1quick
Pronunciation: primarystresskwik
Function: adjective
1 archaic : not dead : LIVING, ALIVE
2 a : fast in understanding, thinking, or learning : mentally keen b : reacting with speed and alertness c : aroused immediately and easily <quick temper> d : fast in development or occurrence <gave a quick look> e : marked by speed, readiness, or promptness of action or movement
- quick adverb
- quick·ly adverb
- quick·ness noun
synonyms QUICK, PROMPT, READY, APT mean able to respond right away. QUICK stresses that the response is immediate and often suggests that the ability is part of one's nature <she always had a quick mind>. PROMPT suggests that the ability to respond quickly is the product of training and discipline <the store gives prompt service>. READY suggests ease or smoothness in response <he always had a ready answer to any question>. APT stresses the person's intelligence or talent that allows the giving of a quick response <an apt student who learned computer programming in no time>.

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