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Main Entry: 1raise
Pronunciation: primarystressramacrz
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): raised; rais·ing
1 : to cause to rise <raise a window> <raise dust>
2 a : 1AWAKE, AROUSE <enough noise to raise the dead> b : to recall from or as if from death c : to stir up : INCITE <raise a rebellion>
3 a : to set upright by lifting or building <raise a monument> b : to lift up <raise your hand> c : to place higher especially in rank : PROMOTE <was raised to captain> d : HEIGHTEN 1, invigorate <raise the spirits>
4 : 2COLLECT 1b <raise funds>
5 a : to look after the growth and development of : GROW <raise hogs for market> <raise corn> b : BRING UP 1, rear 3b <raise a child> <was raised in the city>
6 : BRING ABOUT <raised a laugh>
7 : to bring to notice <raise an issue>
8 a : to increase the strength of <don't raise your voice> b : to increase the amount of <raise the rent> c : to increase a bid or bet
9 : to make light and airy <raise dough>
10 : to multiply a quantity by itself a specified number of times <raise two to the forth power>
11 : to bring into sight on the horizon by approaching <raised land at last>
12 : to cause to form on the skin <raise a blister>
- rais·er noun
- raise eyebrows : to cause surprise or mild disapproval <raised eyebrows by turning down the award>
- raise the bar : to set a higher standard <new software that raises the bar for competitors>
synonyms RAISE, LIFT, HEAVE, HOIST mean to move from a lower to a higher place or position. RAISE often suggests a suitable or intended higher position to which something is brought <raise the flag to the top of the pole>. LIFT suggests a bringing up especially from the ground and may also suggest the need for exertion in order to pick up something heavy <lift some boxes onto the table>. HEAVE suggests lifting with great effort or strain <heave those bales of hay onto the truck>. HOIST often suggests the use of pulleys to increase the force applied in raising something very heavy <hoist the crates onto the ship>.

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