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Main Entry: 1range
Pronunciation: primarystressramacrnj
Function: noun
1 : a series of things in a line <a range of mountains>
2 : a cooking stove
3 a : open land over which livestock may roam and feed b : the place where a certain kind of animal or plant naturally lives
4 : the act of ranging about
5 a : the maximum distance a weapon can shoot, a missile can travel, or a vehicle can go without refueling b : the distance between a weapon and its target c : a place where shooting is practiced <a rifle range>
6 a : the distance or amount included or gone over : SCOPE <the range of one's knowledge> b : the extent of pitch covered by a voice or instrument or a melody
7 a : a sequence, series, or scale between limits <out of our price range> <a wide range of colors> b : the difference between the least and greatest of a set of values

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