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Main Entry: re·morse
Pronunciation: ri-primarystressmodot(schwa)rs
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English remorse "a deep regret for having done wrong," from early French remors (same meaning), derived from Latin remorsus, past participle of remordemacronre "to bite again," from mordemacronre "to bite" --related to MORSEL
: a deep regret coming from a sense of guilt for past wrongs : SELF-REPROACH
Word History The Latin verb remordemacronre literally meant "to bite again." The Romans, however, usually used it with the meaning "to torment," because being tormented was like getting bitten again and again. The past participle of this verb is remorsus, which in early French was used to form the noun remors. This noun was used to refer to the deep regret that torments one for having done something wrong. In the 15th century, this French word was taken into English as remorse with the same meaning.

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