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Main Entry: sat·is·fy
Pronunciation: primarystresssat-schwas-secondarystressfimacr
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): -fied; -fy·ing
Etymology: Middle English satisfien "fulfill an obligation," from early French satisfier (same meaning), from Latin satisfacere (same meaning), from satis "enough" and facere "to do, make" --related to FASHION, PERFECT
1 : to do what has been agreed upon in <satisfy a contract>
2 a : to make happy : PLEASE <a vacation destination sure to satisfy everyone> b : to meet the needs of : APPEASE <satisfied their hunger>
3 : CONVINCE <satisfied that they are innocent>
4 : FULFILL 2, meet <satisfy requirements>
5 : to make true by fulfilling a condition <values that satisfy an equation>
- sat·is·fi·able /-secondarystressfimacr-schwa-bschwal/ adjective
- sat·is·fy·ing·ly /-secondarystressfimacr-ieng-lemacron/ adverb

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