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Main Entry: 1save
Pronunciation: primarystresssamacrv
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): saved; sav·ing
Etymology: Middle English saven "to deliver from sin," from early French salver (same meaning), from Latin salvare "to save," from earlier salvus "safe, healthy" --related to SAFE, 3SAGE
1 a : to deliver from sin b : to rescue or deliver from danger or harm <saved his friend from drowning> c : to keep from injury, destruction, waste, or loss <save the coat from damage by moths> d : to store (data) in a computer or on a storage device (as a floppy disk or CD)
2 a : to put aside for future use <save a little for later> b : to put aside money <saved up for a new bike>
3 a : to make unnecessary : AVOID <it will save your having to go back again> b : to keep from being lost to an opponent <saved the game>
4 a : to avoid unnecessary waste or expense : ECONOMIZE <save on heat> b : to spend less money <buy now and save> c : to spend less by <save 25 percent>
- sav·er noun
- save the day : to solve or avert a problem <her quick thinking saved the day>

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