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Main Entry: 1sep·a·rate
Pronunciation: primarystresssep-schwa-secondarystressramacrt
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): -rat·ed; -rat·ing
1 a : to set or keep apart <separate the pages with a slip of paper> b : to make a distinction between : DISTINGUISH <separate fact from fiction> c : 2SORT 1 <separate mail> d : to spread widely in space or time : SCATTER <widely separated homesteads>
2 : to end a relationship with that is bound by a contract <separated from the army>
3 : to isolate or become isolated from a mixture <separate cream from milk>
4 : to become divided or detached : come apart
5 : to cease to live together as man and wife
6 : to go in different directions
synonyms SEPARATE, PART, DIVIDE mean to break into parts or to keep apart. SEPARATE may suggest that things have been put into different groups, or that a thing has been removed from a group, or that something has been put between like things <separate the good eggs from the bad eggs> <a fence separates the yards>. PART suggests that the things to be separated are closely joined in some way <nothing could part the two friends>. DIVIDE suggests separating by cutting or breaking into pieces or sections <divide the pie into six equal servings>.

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