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Main Entry: 1sharp
Pronunciation: primarystressshärp
Function: adjective
1 a : having a thin keen edge or fine point <a sharp knife> b : briskly cold : NIPPING <sharp biting wind>
2 a : alert in understanding : QUICK-WITTED <a sharp student> b : having very good ability to see or hear <you have sharp eyes> c : keen in attention to one's own interest sometimes to the point of being dishonest <a sharp customer>
3 a : full of activity or energy : BRISK <keep up a sharp pace> b : EAGER <a sharp appetite>
4 a : CURT, ANGRY <a sharp reply> b : causing intense mental or physical distress <a sharp pain> <sharp criticism>
5 : having a strong odor or flavor <sharp cheese>
6 a : ending in a point or edge <sharp features> <sharp mountain peaks> b : involving an abrupt change <a sharp turn> <a sharp drop in the temperature> c : clear in outline or detail : DISTINCT <a sharp image> d : set forth with clarity and distinctness <sharp contrast>
7 a : higher by a half step than the pitch of the note indicated by the letter name b : higher than the true pitch
- sharp·ly adverb
- sharp·ness noun
synonyms SHARP, KEEN, ACUTE mean having or showing alertness and clear understanding. SHARP suggests quick understanding, cleverness, and sometimes trickery <sharp traders>. KEEN suggests quickness, enthusiasm, and a mind of deep understanding <a keen student of baseball>. ACUTE suggests the power to think clearly and to see small differences <acute powers of reasoning>.

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