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Main Entry: 1sink
Pronunciation: primarystresssiengk
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): sank /primarystresssaengk /; or sunk /primarystresssschwaengk/; sunk; sink·ing
1 a : to move or cause to move downward usually so as to be below the surface or swallowed up <feet sinking into deep mud> <sink a ship> b : to descend gradually lower and lower <the sun sank behind the hills>
2 : to lessen in amount or strength
3 : to fall to or into a lower status (as of quality, worth, or number) : DECLINE <sink into decay>
4 a : to penetrate or cause to penetrate <sank my ax into the tree> b : to become absorbed <the water sank into the dry ground>
5 : to form by digging or boring <sink a well>
6 : 2INVEST 1 <sank a million dollars in the new company>
7 : to fail in strength, spirits, or health <my heart sank>
- sink·able /primarystresssieng-kschwa-bschwal/ adjective

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