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Main Entry: 1snap
Pronunciation: primarystresssnap
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): snapped; snapĚping
1 a : to make a sudden closing of the jaws : seize something sharply with the mouth <fish snapping at the bait> b : to grasp at something eagerly <snapped at the chance to travel> c : to take possession of at once -- usually used with up <snap up a bargain>
2 : to speak sharply or irritably <snap at a questioner>
3 a : to break or break apart suddenly especially with a sharp sound <the twig snapped> <snapped the bone in two> b : to give way or cause to give way suddenly under stress <the rope snapped> c : to bring to a sudden end <snapped the opposing team's winning streak>
4 : to make or cause to make a sharp or crackling sound <snap a whip>
5 a : to close or fit in place with a quick movement <the lid snapped shut> b : to put into or remove from a position by a sudden movement or with a snapping sound <snap off a switch> c : to close by snaps or fasteners <snapped up the snowsuit>
6 a : to move briskly or sharply <snapped to attention> b : to undergo a sudden and rapid change (as from one condition to another) <snapped out of his bad mood> c : to put (a football) in play especially by passing or handing backward between the legs d : to take a snapshot of

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