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Main Entry: 1take
Pronunciation: primarystresstamacrk
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): took /primarystresstudotk/; takˇen /primarystresstamacr-kschwan/; takˇing
1 : to lay hold of : GRASP <take my hand>
2 : 2CAPTURE 1 <take a fort>
3 : 1WIN 3a <take first prize>
4 : to get possession of (as by buying, capturing, or killing) <took several trout with hook and line>
5 : to seize and affect suddenly <taken with a fever>
6 : CAPTIVATE, DELIGHT <was much taken with the new neighbors>
7 : 1EXTRACT 4 <take material from an encyclopedia>
8 : SUBTRACT 1 <take 78 from 112>
9 : to put an end to (as life)
10 : to find out by testing or examining <take a patient's temperature>
11 : 2SELECT, CHOOSE <I took the red one>
12 : ASSUME 1 <take office> <take charge>
13 a : to let in and hold : ADMIT, ACCOMMODATE <the boat was taking water fast> <the suitcase won't take another thing> b : to be affected harmfully by (as a disease) : CONTRACT <take a cold> c : to become soaked with or make part of itself : ABSORB <this cloth takes dye very well> <plants take up water>
14 : to be guided by : FOLLOW <take my advice>
15 : to introduce into the body <take your medicine>
16 a : to submit to <took the punishment without complaining> b : WITHSTAND <can take a lot of punishment>
17 a : to subscribe to <takes two newspapers> b : to enroll in for study <take a course in history> <take piano lessons> c : to keep from swinging at (a baseball pitch) <take a strike>
18 a : UNDERSTAND 3, interpret <I took it to mean something different> b : CONSIDER 3 <wanted to be taken for a genius>
19 : to react in a certain way <take pride in one's work> <take offense>
20 : to be formed or used with <this verb takes an object>
21 : to lead, carry, or cause to go along to another place <take a package home> <take me to your leader>
22 a : to make use of <take a vacation> b : to proceed to occupy <take a chair>
23 : 2NEED 2, require <this job takes a lot of time> <I take a larger size>
24 : to obtain an image or copy of <take a photograph> <take fingerprints>
25 : to set out to make, do, or perform <take a walk> <took a new job>
26 : to set out or go <take after the escaped prisoner>
27 : to have effect (as by absorption) <a dye that takes well>
- takˇer noun
- take a back seat : to have or put in a lower position <entertainment takes a back seat to food and shelter>
- take advantage of
1 : to use to advantage : profit by
2 : to treat (someone) unfairly : EXPLOIT
- take after
1 : to take as an example : FOLLOW
2 : to look like : RESEMBLE <take after their parents>
- take a hike also take a walk : to go away : LEAVE
- take care : to be careful
- take care of : to attend to or provide for the needs, operation, or treatment of
- take charge : to assume care or control
- take effect
1 : to go into effect
2 : to have an expected or intended effect : be effective
- take five or take ten : to take a break especially from work
- take for : to suppose to be; especially : to suppose mistakenly to be
- take for granted : to assume as true, real, or expected
- take hold : to become attached or established
- take into account : to make allowance for : CONSIDER
- take in vain : to use a name without proper respect
- take no prisoners : to be merciless or relentless
- take one's time : to be slow or unhurried about doing something
- take part : PARTICIPATE, SHARE
- take place : to come about or occur : HAPPEN
- take the floor : to rise (as in a meeting) to speak
- take to
1 : to go to or into <take to the streets in protest>
2 : to be drawn or attracted to
- take to court : to bring before a judicial body; especially : SUE 1
- take to task : to scold for a fault
- take turns : 1ALTERNATE 1

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