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Main Entry: 1trim
Pronunciation: primarystresstrim
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): trimmed; trim·ming
1 : to decorate with ribbons, lace, or ornaments : ADORN <trim a Christmas tree> <a jacket trimmed with leather>
2 : to defeat in a game or contest
3 a : to make trim and neat especially by cutting or clipping <trim the bushes> <trimmed her hair> b : to free of excess or unnecessary matter by or as if by cutting <trim a steak> <trim a budget>
4 : to cause (as a ship) to take the right position in the water by balancing the load carried
5 : to adjust (as an airplane or submarine) for horizontal movement or for motion upward or downward
6 : to adjust (as a sail) to a desired position
- trim·mer noun

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