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Main Entry: 1up
Pronunciation: primarystressschwap
Function: adverb
1 a : in or to a higher position or level; especially : away from the center of the earth <held up my hand> b : from beneath a surface (as ground or water) <pulling up weeds> c : from below the horizon <watched the moon come up> d : in or into an upright position <stand up> e : out of bed <stayed up late>
2 : with greater force <speak up>
3 a : in or into a better or more advanced state <worked our way up in the world> b : at an end <our time was up> c : in or into a state of greater activity <stir up a fire> d : to or at a greater rate, speed, or amount <prices went up>
4 a : into existence, evidence, or knowledge <the missing ring turned up> b : into consideration <brought the matter up>
5 : into possession or control <gave himself up>
6 : WHOLLY, ENTIRELY, COMPLETELY <eat it up> <the house burned up>
7 : in or into storage : ASIDE, BY <lay up supplies> <put our boat up for the winter>
8 : so as to arrive or approach <came up the drive>
9 : in or into parts <tear up paper>
10 : to a stop <pull up> <drew up at the curb>
11 : for each side <score was 15 up>

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