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Main Entry: 1pow·er
Pronunciation: primarystresspaudot(-schwa)r
Function: noun
1 a : possession of control, authority, or influence over others <a politician hungry for power> b : one having such power; especially : an independent state <China is a major power in Asia>
2 : ability to act or do something <lose the power of speech>
3 a : physical might b : mental strength
4 : the number of times as indicated by an exponent a number occurs as a factor in a product; also : the product obtained by raising a number to a power <103, or 10·10·10, is the 3rd power of 10>
5 a : force or energy that is or can be applied to work <electric power> b : the time rate at which work is done or energy given off or transferred
synonyms POWER, ENERGY, STRENGTH mean the ability to put out effort or force. POWER applies to the ability to act, whether only possible or actually used <the king had the power to coin money>. ENERGY applies to stored-up power that can be used to do work <the sun could be a great source of new energy for us>. STRENGTH applies to that quality which gives a person or thing the ability to put out force or to oppose another's force or attack <test the strength of this rope>.

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